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Our office utilizes state of the art computerized radiography and laboratory testing equipment to insure quick and accurate problem diagnosis for your pet.



For small animals (dogs and cats), we offer a variety of services including but not limited to vaccines, dentals, spays, neutering, lameness and surgical evaluations.   Routine appointments are available Monday thru Saturday. Surgery appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 

After hours you can speak with our on call doctor and receive assistance for your emergency needs.  If for some reason we are unable to address your emergency, our doctors may refer you to another facility.



For large animals (horses, camelids, goats or sheep), we have a full service hospital to provide vaccines, lameness exams, dental procedures (hand floats or power floats), and colic treatments, in hospital medical management and if required, surgery.  Lameness exams can be done either in hospital or in the field with portable computerized radiography, ultrasound and thermography to aid in diagnosis. Treatment options include, but are not limited to joint injections, surgery and stem cells therapy.  For your convenience, our mobile veterinary trucks can come to your home or stable to treat your horse, camelids, goats or sheep. hhome




After hours, a doctor on call is available for your emergency needs.


Now available, order your prescriptions including flea and tick products, heartworm preventatives, regular prescriptions and even pet foods delivered right to your door.