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Dr. Gary Pallaoro: Gary graduated from Colorado State University in 1975 and started working alongside his father Dr. John Pallaoro. He specializes in equine medicine, lameness and surgery. He has vast experience in surgeries ranging from orthopedic to emergency colic procedures.  When he is not working at the hospital he can be found on his mountain bike or, in the winter, skiing in Breckenridge with his son.


Dr. Doug Hill: Doug was a classmate of Gary's at Colorado State University, graduating in 1975.  He started out in Evergreen as a mixed animal veterinarian.  Doug joined Golden Animal Hospital in the fall of 2000 as a small animal veterinarian. His vast experience as been a great asset to the hospital and it clients over the years.  Doug’s off time is spent working at Bergen Bark Inn a boarding kennel that he owns in Evergreen.  When he has free time he is on his beloved road bike.


Dr. Donna Johnson:  Donna graduated for Colorado State University in 2002 after spending 10 years in Molecular Biology Research.  She joined Golden Animal Hospital after her graduation.  She is a mixed animal veterinarian dividing her time between dogs, cats, horses, camelids and small ruminants (sheep and goats). In her free time you can find her on the trail riding one of her Arabian mares.  She loves long distance riding and is a carded veterinary judge.


Dr. Gary Lear: Gary graduated from Oregon State University in 1997. He practiced as a solo veterinarian in Oregon for 12 years before joining Golden Animal Hospital in 2010. He specializes in equine medicine, dentistry and lameness. His experience in private practice has been a valuable addition to the hospital.  His spare time is spent training for and competing in ultra marathon races. 




Marlaina Clements:  Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 2000


Emily Conner:  Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 2000


Jessica Curtis:  Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 2004


Michelle Jackson:  Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 2006


Stephanie Werner:  Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 2006


Nick Hoyt:  Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 2010


Brandi Cole:  Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 2012




Myrna Crofford: Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 1994


Angie Reynolds: Joined Golden Animal Hospital in 1996